What to Do Right Now to Improve Your Life

Man on top of mountain.

Maybe you’re having one of those days where you have a lot of ideas, but are not sure where to start with getting started. Well, I find it helps to narrow it down to one thing. One thing I’ll get done. Changing the world isn’t what I mean though. I suppose that is one thing, but even though it’s one thing, it’s really a lot of little things.

So try this:

Write down, in one sentence, what you want to get done. If it’s something slightly vague like “eat healthier,” that’s a good place to start because next, you’re going to break that down.

Like this:

Goal: Eat healthier

Deadline to start: A time that’s not too far into the future, like say…now. The reason I say “now” is because you don’t have to take all the steps at once. Even eating healthier doesn’t begin with putting a healthy piece of food in your mouth.

Smaller goals (a.k.a. steps):

– Research healthier ways of eating
– Find 3 websites that resonate with you on healthy eating and pick ONE piece of advice from one of them that helps you towards your goal
– Eat ONE healthy thing that you may already have in your house from what you’ve learned.
– Feel a sense of accomplishment

See? Wasn’t that easy? The one healthy thing you ate might have been as simple as a carrot, but give yourself some credit! You took a step. You ate the carrot and not the Snicker bar.

“But what if I ate the Snicker bar too?” you ask, dismayed and kicking the ground like Charlie Brown. Hey friend, focus on the positive! You ate the carrot. As you begin adding more and more healthy items into your life, your desire for the unhealthy ones will diminish. This goes for food, as well as anything else that’s unhealthy.

I only used food as an example here, but you can apply this to anything you want to do or change–from writing a book to having a better relationship with someone to turning your health around. How can I say this? Because without even realizing this was what I was doing, these areas in my life changed when I broke things down into doable smaller steps.

Let me know how you do.

And remember there are no small victories!

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