Inspiring Quote: The Power of Myth


“Our myths are stories or images that are not always true in particular but entirely true in general. They are usually not historical fact, but invariably they are spiritual genius. They hold life and death, the explainable and the unexplainable together as one. They hold together the paradoxes that the rational mind cannot process by itself. Myths, as do good poems and art, make unclear and confused emotions brilliantly clear and even life changing.”   – Richard Rohr



** All images I use are found on Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “Inspiring Quote: The Power of Myth

  1. brianbalke says:

    I often wonder how this comes about. Is it that in oral traditions, those words that survive are those that have timeless meaning, eventually overwhelming even the sycophancy of shallow favor-seekers? Or is it that the powerful personalities that inspire myths persist as echoes in the Jung’s collective unconscious, like a splinter in our minds focusing our attention of tensions to be resolved?

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  2. Or maybe it’s both.?


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