Christian Scholoe

What if?

Those two words can strike terror in a person. Or they can inspire excitement, adventure and wonder. It all depends on the habits of your thoughts.

Since we are still within the first week of a new year, I’d like to challenge you to look at those words and let them stir up your imagination towards possibilities sourced in faith and not in fear.

Think of your life as a story–a book, a film, a fairy tale. Think of yourself as the main character in that story and as you go through the hours of your days and the days of your months this year, ask yourself, “What if?” at least once a day.

“What if I take this course related to my secret passion?”

“What if I enter my painting in a contest?”

“What if I finally go on that trip I’ve been wanting to go on?”

“What if I open my heart to people?”

“What if I say what I think the next time someone asks me, instead of holding back and not daring to speak?”

“What if I pick up the phone and make that call I’ve been putting off?”

“What if I just go ahead and ask that question I’m wanting to ask so-and-so?”

“What if I take the first step toward the dream I’ve buried?

“What if I open that door?”

“What if?” If can be a beautiful question if you let it.







  • Top image credit: Christian Scholoe

4 thoughts on “WHAT IF?

  1. Good start to learn to think more positive, if this is a problem 😀


  2. Kandace says:

    I always loved that saying…Oh my darling but what if you fly

    Liked by 1 person

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