As of today, I’m starting a new series called Wonderful Wednesday to give you a lift in the middle of your week. Take a 5 minute time-out and have a listen.

This week I’m talking about faith and creativity.

I hope it inspires and encourages you!

Blessings to you,



  1. brianbalke says:

    Hi. Monique. This was nice. You have a good voice, which conveys compassion and a desire to connect. The message is so positive; I wish that more ministers would encourage people to share their experience of living in faith in every way possible, because in fact the professionals that we all admire so much often get lost in the process of creation, and so cannot reflect the experience of the person of common faith. And to express even painful things is to create an opportunity for God to transform our experience of them, and thus to find healing. I pray that those that you seek to inspire will reach out to you as a facilitator of that connection.

    One suggestion: When trying to convey a web of ideas, I often find myself using conjunctions to maintain my flow. What I have come to realize is that little pauses are actually helpful to the listener. They separate the ideas, making them possible to process in little bites, and allow a moment of reflection before the next thought is begun. In conversation, we do this naturally, and may even engage questions to help cement understanding. On the web, the same can be done by pausing the recording. So I have been trying to allow pauses into my conversations. When discussing faith, I experience the entry of the Holy Spirit into some of those still silent moments, where once my voice might have interfered.

    Keep up the good work! If you find this helpful but would prefer that it be sent separately, we can agree on a tag phrase that you can set up in your comment filter to require your approval before they are posted.

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  2. Hi Brian,

    Normally it does ask for my approval first, so I’m not sure how it got past, but that’s okay. I totally agree with you and noticed listening back to it that it was very stream of consciousness and there wasn’t much breathing room between what I was saying…probably because it wasn’t written down and really was stream of consciousness! I’m still learning and new to this, but I am quick to notice stuff like that in myself, so thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I’ll keep it in mind for next time.

    I did a couple messages at church over the summer and there were better pauses in my speaking. This one was more of a spontaneous one. If you’d like to hear the other message(s), let me know.



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